New Zealand Marine Values Survey


Help out a student from Victoria University with his research on marine values by participating in a survey.

Kia ora,

My name is Hamish Howard. I'm a post-graduate student at Victoria University of Wellington, carrying out research that seeks to understand how our values influence our perceptions, attitudes and behaviours towards the marine environment. My interest is in understanding how we, as New Zealanders, can work together more effectively in order to achieve meaningful progress and improved outcomes for the marine environment and everyone who has a stake in it.

  • We need as many New Zealanders (citizens or residents 16 years or older) as possible to complete our survey, which can be completed here or via the following link:
  • We also need to get the word out about the survey, so any help in doing so would be greatly appreciated. The survey has a social media presence, via facebook, twitter, linkedin, and instagram
  • More information on the The New Zealand Marine Values Survey can be found at

If you have time to complete our survey, and/or help in any other way, it would be greatly appreciated.

The survey takes most people around half an hour to complete but if you don't complete it in one go you can return to it at any time (so long as you are using the same computer/device). All responses are de-identified by the survey software (Qualtrics) so the survey is essentially anonymous (even if you provide your name and email at the end).

Thanks and regards,

Hamish Howard

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