Gear Maintenance

Routine maintenance is an imperative component of the diver's schedule. Failure can have severe consequences


  • test and inspect even item to ensure it is functioning correct
  • check for any relevant inspection dates on equipment such as dive tanks (annually) and regulator stages
  • ensure tanks are full and that air clean - never dive on old or stale air
  • inspect BCDs and dive suits for rot
  • test for perished silicone or rubber on masks, fins etc


  • Thoroughly wash all gear in fresh water - prolonged immersion is preferred over hosing
  • Thoroughly dry all equipment - consider a hot water cupboard for electronics and items with moving parts
  • Store in a clean dry environment - consider air tight packaging with moisture absorbing pads for some equipment
  • Avoid storing sensitive equipment with wet-suits or dive bags for prolonged periods
  • Keep dive tanks full when not in use - this helps prevent internal moisture damage (you may need to refill with clean air if storage is for a long duration)

Note: NZ Underwater's commercial partner Air Purity provides testing and advice for all SCUBA-related clean air and gear maintenance services.

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