Associate Membership.

NZ Underwater is delighted to offer Associate Membership to all active underwater enthusiasts.

Associate Membership ($100) includes:

  • 6-month complimentary subscription to Dive NZ magazine (first year only)(Valued at $30.00)
  • The option to continue your Dive NZ subscription at a 25%
  • Complementary compliant dive flag for all new members (first year only) (Valued at $29.00)
  • Up-to-date communications across a range of topics applicable to NZ underwater enthusiasts including safety updates, events and member-only offers
  • Essential support for the Dive Emergency Number 0800 337 111
  • NZ Underwater's ongoing commitment to increase its value to members, pursuing retail advantages, training opportunities and associated benefits to pass on directly as they become available
  • A uniquely numbered ID card to be used as new benefits are finalised and released to members
  • Most importantly, membership includes essential support for New Zealand’s leading voice on underwater safety matters, environmental concerns and fisheries management, as it applies to the underwater community
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