The best DIY underwater-themed halloween costumes!


Stuck on halloween costume ideas? We've got you sorted!

Halloween is tomorrow and why not show off your passion for the ocean by dressing up in a marine-themed costume!

All credit to the original creators

1) Jellyfish

Find an old umbrella and attach streamers, feather boas, bubble wrap, tinsel, battery-pack fairy lights or just about anything you can find and you've got yourself a Jelly!

jellyfish costume

2) Mermaid

A real classic costume. Just cut up a tutu and attach it to the end of a skirt, wrap up in a net and add some shells! For a bonus make-up tip, put fishnet stockings over your face and brush on some blue and purple eye shadow for the illusion of scales!


3) Anenome

Perhaps not the most eco-friendly, but a very effective costume! Twist balloons together and attach them to yourself with string!


4) Nautilus

One for the more nifty with crafts!


5) Scuba Diver

Is this even a costume if it's what you're wearing every weekend? Nonetheless, carrying around a tank on your back all night would be tiring so replace it with painted fizzy drink bottles and you're away!


6) Sea Turtle

There are a couple of different ways to do this one! Paint an oven dish and attach straps, make a shell out of cardboard or attach a mosaic of green paper plates, the choice is up to you!


7) Whale

Can also replicate this idea with a fish species of your choosing, a scallop, a boat, or just about anything marine themed that you desire!


8) Shark

For the ultra last minute costume searchers!


9) Stingray

Sewing together some old sheets, adding googly eyes and cutting out some slits will get you this awesome costume!


10) Sailor

No nautical-themed halloween list would be complete without a sailor and the best thing is you probably already have most of the costume elements in your wardrobe! Simply find anything navy, white, red, or stripy, origami a hat and soon you'll be sailing on the high seas!


11) Kina

Might not want to run around in this one!


12) Anglerfish

Bonus points for this one as it's actually scary!

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The best DIY underwater-themed halloween costumes!
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