Safer Boating Guide - Safer Boating Week

Safer Boating NZ and Maritime NZ have produced a helpful 'Safer Boating Guide' for everyone intending to take a boat out this summer.

It includes the 'boating safety code', a list of useful free apps and online advice, boat buying information, boating course info, and helpful tips about buying the right lifejacket.

It also has a great list of things you need to prep on your boat, what gear to check, and the rules you should know before you hit the water.

They remind you to share your plans, watch the weather, and take at least two communications tools with you, as well as recap boating lingo, light use, give way rules, and what buoys and beacons mean.

The guide covers what to do in an emergency, when crossing a bar, and what to do to protect our environment.

It's the perfect comprehensive guide to make sure you and your boat buddies are clued up on how to avoid incidents, or how to react if one happens.

Stay safe and have fun!

New Zealand Underwater