CRA-2 Update: NZ Underwater invited to and attends early consultation sessions

On Tuesday the 14th of November, Jeff Strang represented NZ Underwater's interests at the second of two regional consultation sessions, hosted in Thames by the Ministry of Primary Industries.

Stakeholders from the affected commercial fishing operators, recreational fishing, Iwi & Customary, and the diving industry by virtue of the NZUA, were present.

Results from recent data analysis by the Rock Lobster stock assessment team were presented and discussed in considerable detail.

While the data is complex in nature, with many poorly understood mechanisms to consider, the conclusions are clear; rock lobster numbers in the CRA-2 management area are poor, and action is required in the short term to aid its recovery. 

Presentations by the commercial sector also indicate a desire to see better outcomes in the management area.

MPI has promised the release of all the data, and the commercial sector report will be made available to the public.

Over the next few months, we can expect further public consultation before the release of recommendations early to mid-2018.

NZUA members and interested parties will be kept up to date.

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New Zealand Underwater
Future catch discussion panel

Many New Zealanders are concerned that declining fish stocks are threatening the future of recreational fishing, a hallmark of Kiwi life.  The New Zealand Initiative shares this concern and has conducted research both in New Zealand and overseas to find better ways of managing the fish stocks important to recreational fishers.

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New Zealand Underwater